Snork60 – Deep Field Transmission


After six years and different solo projects Hendrik and Torsten are back with their first official sign of life as Sender Berlin. With their new EP „Deep Field Transmission“ on Snork Enterprises Records they continue with the distinctive sound of „Spektrum Weltweit“ in a consequently developed shape. The opener „Deep Field“ leads the field progressive, vibrating and straight like a live-jam, „Elapse“ is oscillating between spherical analog sounds and aggressive leads and „Transmission“ transmits raw, direct and in your face!

About the title of their new EP, Sender Berlin explained: „Deep Field is the picture made by the Hubble telescope… so far the deepest look into our sun system. And because there was long time no hear from us, we now broadcast from there.“ Weiterlesen

10 Years Sender Berlin – John Peel Session


Recently on my research for some information about John Peel, I came across the still existing side by John at the BBC. After a bit of browsing in ‚John’s Biography‘ and in the ‚Sessions Section‘ the memories of our Peel session came back quickly. I asked myself more in addition…“How long ago was that?“ Deepened in my mind i almost missed what was written on the website…02/08/2002 – Sender Berlin. Incredulous, I rubbed my eyes. But it was thrue. Sender Berlin is in the list of 125 best Peel Session. A moment later I realized that is almost exactly 10 years ago … Ohh my Godness! Weiterlesen